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The level of success we can achieve at the TTCHS saving animal lives and giving them a second chance can be greatly influenced by the help of our volunteers.  Volunteering can be hard work, but it is also fun and rewarding.  It’s a great way to help the lost, homeless, abused, and abandoned pets in our community.  Just a few hours each week can make a big difference.

We are in the process of overhauling our volunteer program and have learned that the success we seek is hard to achieve without careful planning and organization.  Right now we’re working to design a volunteer training program, develop volunteer job descriptions, and create a policy manual specifically for the volunteer program.  Once completed, we plan to schedule bi-monthly training sessions for new volunteers, ask for a minimum time commitment and adherence to a mutually agreed upon schedule by our volunteers, and assign a member of our staff to be the primary point of contact for volunteers.

Example job descriptions will include assisting with:HOTC youth dog wash

  • Animal Enrichment (walking, grooming, socializing, etc.)
  • Community Adoption Events
  • Office/Computer/Phones
  • Photography/Creative Writing
  • Fundraising

Please check back soon to learn more about these rewarding opportunities.  Meanwhile, and to help out with a single event, we invite you to print and complete our short Volunteer Release Form.

We require that teen volunteers be at least 14 years old and that they volunteer at the shelter in 2 hour blocks.  This assures they have adequate time to spend with the animals, but they don’t get bored and restless.  Teens under 14 may also volunteer but only when accompanied by an adult.  Volunteers ages 18 and over are also welcome and are not time-limited.

We do not accept court-ordered community service volunteers.

We are grateful to the many volunteers, both past and present, that have helped the TTCHS make our community a better place for animals.

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