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Using the enforcement arm of our organization, we investigate alleged cruelty, abuse, and abandonment cases and assist in their prosecution through the city, county, and state courts.  yellow underweight retrieverWe are frequently called upon to assist other agencies, such as the Georgia Department of Agriculture, with their investigations as well.


By contract with Thomas County and the cities therein (i.e. Thomasville, Boston, Pavo, Coolidge, Meigs, Barwick, and Ochlocknee) we have provided humane enforcement of all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to animals since 1993.  Our Animal Control Officers, supervised by the Thomas County Animal Control Director, respond to reported violations and citizen complaints during regular business hours and assist first responders, both during and after hours, when their efforts are impeded by animals.  They have the authority to issue citations and seize animals running-at-large that might be a danger to the public and/or themselves.  Occasionally they are called upon to collect and facilitate the relocation of wildlife that has strayed from their natural environment and/or been injured.  Injured wildlife is often transported to the Androcles Society for medical care and rehabilitation.


Responsibility for local enforcement of the Georgia Rabies Control Law.  Proof of current rabies vaccination is required for any pet being reclaimed from impoundment or through our Lost & Found Program.  signs of animal abuse adOur Animal Control Officers routinely ask for proof of current rabies vaccination in the execution of their duties and are charged with the investigation of all animal bites occurring within Thomas County.  They administer the at home and shelter quarantine of animals, as required, making repeat visits, documenting their observations, and reporting their findings to the local health department.  Quarantines can vary in length from 10 days to 6 months.  If the biting or bitten animal is deceased or euthanized, the head is removed and prepared for delivery to one of the Georgia Division of Public Health testing laboratories for rabies examination.


Requires the enforcement of state and local laws regarding dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs and the creation and maintenance of a separate Animal Control Board to hear appeals.  Animal Control Officers investigating bite cases must establish whether the dog(s) involved should be classified as dangerous or potentially dangerous and inform the owner of his/her obligations accordingly.  Certificates of registration are issued annually for such dogs after proof of continuing compliance with applicable laws can be established.


Because of their first hand exposure throughout the community, our Animal Control Officers are uniquely positioned to educate the public about responsible pet ownership and the consequences of doing otherwise.  They often distribute educational materials and collars and leashes that have been donated to us.  Were we a religious organization they would be our outreach ministry.


Animal Control Officers are available: Monday*-Saturday 8am-5pm

* Voicemails may be left on Mondays by dialing 228-0613, ext.106 and your call will be returned during normal business hours.

After-hours emergency calls should be directed to Thomas County E911 dispatch.

During normal hours of operation your call may be answered by our dispatcher who will ask for your name and contact information so that we may follow up later, if needed.  Your identity, however, will be kept confidential.  Cases are then handled according to the severity of the animal’s situation.

animal control badge


Thomas County Animal Control

Phone: 229-228-0613
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