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Our members are important to us!  Your interest in the welfare of the lost, homeless, abused, and abandoned pets in our community is greatly appreciated and vital to our continued success.  Like all humane societies and SPCAs we are independent and are not affiliated with, nor do we receive regular funding from, any national animal welfare organizations or advocacy groups.  Only financial support received locally will ensure our future and allow us to continue to care for the 5,000 animals per year that come through our doors.  We work hard to be the area’s leading advocate for animal welfare.  Please help us continue to help them with your financial support!

Become a member or renew your membership today at one of the following levels » (Coming Soon)

❏  Great Dane $5,000 ❏  Maine Coon $250
❏  Labrador Retriever $2,500 ❏  Dachshund $100
❏  Dalmatian $1,000 ❏  Siamese $50
❏  Beagle $500 ❏  Chihuahua $30


Please note:  Donations are also accepted in person, by telephone with your Visa or MasterCard, and by mail with your check or money order.  Contact us at 229-228-0613 for more information on how your donation can help us provide the highest quality service to pets and people in our community.

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