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We love to hear success stories of the wonderful matches that can be made between companion animals adopted from our shelter and their people.  All it takes is a paragraph or two telling your story and a nice photo.  We will display them here without last names, phone numbers, or addresses.

If you would like to share your adoption story with us, we’d love to hear from you.  Please email us at with your story and photo.

And if you haven’t already done so - Unleash a love affair…adopt a pet from us today!




We were more than happy to welcome this smart and influential pup, Lizzie, into our loving home. She's a terrier mix with the best disposition and is very willing to take a potty walk outside. We are so excited to see her become a lady!

Brian K. & Rob B. 









Meet Lauren and Lola. Lauren adopted Lola in August of 2008, and the two have bonded every since! Lauren loves being "mommy" to a cat. It allows her to fit a nice furry friend into her lifestyle, because if you know Lauren, you know she is always on the go! Of course Lola didn't get the short end of the stick…Lauren, a nurse at Archbold, affords Lola a quite posh Thomasville life in her lovely cottage on Junius Street! Some of you may have even seen Lauren pushing Lola through downtown in her charming, pink cat-stroller!



Ruby Lee


This is the shy little dacha-chi (aka Chiweenie) adopted by my Dad & Mom last Christmas. It was touch and go for a while as a battle of wills ensued between an 82 year old man and a 9 lb pup who was totally convinced that his lap was meant to be sat in! You all had named her Chloe, but now she is Ruby Lee. My Dad says she's the smartest dog he's ever had. Thanks for all you do!

Alta H.




We adopted MacKenzie (aka Ellie May) on Feb 25th, and though we've only had her just over a month she has proven herself to be an amazing dog! As a foster family we were hoping for a pup with a great personality that would get along with children and were nervous about getting a new dog for that very reason. It's so hard to tell after just a few minutes with a dog. Well MacKenzie is the most mild-mannered yet playful pup I've ever known. She was 6 months when we brought her home, and she played beautifully with our 1, 2 and 6 year olds! Housetraining has been a breeze and she sticks right by us when we're out and about doing chores on our 4 acres. As you can see in the picture, she's a fan of gardening. Everyday has been a joy; she's always eager to play with any member of the family (furry or otherwise) and takes every opportunity to get her share of love from anyone within reach. Not only did we save her, but she's saved us. Mack connects with the entire family in just the ways they seem to need. She is the quintessential loyal, loving mutt and we're looking forward to many, many years with her.

I hope this story helps, and we're looking forward to adopting more dogs from your shelter in the years to come.

Thank you so very much for being there and helping us find this member of our family.

Holly B.

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